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    About fertilizer AgroPrirost

    Concentrated organic fertilizer "AgroPrirost"

     Fertilizer "AgroPrirost" made of chicken manure on the patented technology biofermentation under the natural bacteria in mixing and constant feed gas mixture in a certain amount. The ratio of gases, temperature and humidity are critical components of the process technology, awarded the state prize of the Russian federation.

    In the production of fertilizers "AgroPrirost" does not use any mineral supplements and stimulants.

    Fertilizer "AgroPrirost" is:

    -replacement of mineral fertilizers for growing crops and seedlings;

    - feeding (nutritious bedding) for growing vegetables, fruit trees and bushes, strawberries, other plants;

    - mulching antiseptic component

    - the basis for establishing grass lawns, playgrounds and soccer fields.

    Increases the yield by 30-50%, reduce ripening for 10-14 days, so the potatoes ripen until late blight. Fertilizer "AgroPrirost" protects plants from lack of watering.

      The content of complex NPK: nitrogen (N) - 3,9-3%, phosphorus (P) - 1,5-2%, potassium (K) -1,5-2%; Fertilizer "AgroPrirost" certified.

    Fertilizer "AgroPrirost" is not used as a finished ground!! Is a concentrated fertilizer and entered the land of the instructions depending on agriculture.


    The advantages and effectiveness of the fertilizer "AgroPrirost"

    Unlike traditional manure and compost has several advantages:

    - More complete balanced nutrient fertilizer;

    - Elements of power plants in the compost contained in easily digestible form;

    - Suitable for power plants, and mulch the surface of the crop;

    - In the absence of compost germinating weed seeds and pathogens (does not break biocenosis land);

    - No odor;

    - Long term of fertilizer (up to 3 years);

    - Practically unlimited storage without the loss of nutrients and other positive properties;

    - High technology applications;

    - High microbial activity.

    In its effect on the yield fertilizer "AgroPrirost" is 2-4 times higher than traditional manure and compost.

    Delivers yield increase of up to 50% compared with other fertilizers (in the region of Moscow and Tver regions) illustrates the use of fertilizers on the photo.


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    The application rate "AgroPrirost"

     1. Vegetable crops

    cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, pumpkin, etc.                80….100 g

    - planting in the slot or hole                                                                    (400…600 g/м2)

    - surface dressing, the stem of the plant                                                150…250 g/м2

    leafy crops                                                                                              100…150 g/м2

     2. Fruit, vegetable crops

    - apple, pear, plum, cherry, etc.:

    - planting  in the pit, with mixing to the ground                                                        5…7 kg

    - annually, in the spring, surface in tree trunks for 1-4 year crop                        1…2 kg

    - by mature trees, the groove on the perimeter of the circle around-trunk        2…3 kg

     - currants, raspberries, gooseberries and other shrubs 

    - planting in a pit of mixing with the ground                                                              3…4 kg

    - under the same culture each year, surface, under a bush                                  0,5…1 kg

     - strawberries:

    - planting  in the pit                                                                                                 80…100 g

    - early spring mulching (feeding) of strawberry plants at 5-7 cm snow pack, surface          100…150 g/м2

     3. field crops

    а. main application (plowing or cultivation)

    - spring cereals                                                                                                          7…12 t/h

    - winter cereals                                                                                                          10…14 t/h

    - potatoes                                                                                                                     12…17 t/h

    - flax                                                                                                                                5…7 t/h

    - annual grasses                                                                                                           7…10 t/h

    - perennial grasses                                                                                                        4…5 t/h

    б. local application in granular form (at sowing, planting)

    - spring and winter cereals, flax                                                                                                2…3 t/h

    - potatoes                                                                                                                                   3…5 t/h

    в. top-dressing

    - spring cereals (in the tillering stage, randomly or basal drills)                         2…3 t/h

    - winter cereals (by the snow cover in the 5-7 cm surface)                                1,5…2 t/h

    - potatoes (before the first hilling)                                                                           2…3 t/h

    - perennial grasses (on snow cover in the 5-7 cm surface)                                1…2 t/h

     4. On hay and pasture

    - radical improvement in scattered by the main processing                              20…25 t/h

    - each year, in early spring, on the snow surface in the 5-7 cm surface            1…2 t/h

    - after each mowing or grazing                                                                             1 t/h

     5. FOR CREATING grass surface FIELDS AND SITES

    - main application to sowing cultivation before sowing grass                              2…3 t/h

    - Annual early spring feeding turf football pitches, sports and other areas      1…2 t/h


    Potatoes planted with fertilizer                    Potatoes planted without fertilizer"AgroPrirost"                                                "AgroPrirost" 

    when planting.                                                (foto 18 June 2012)